Zenith - Arshad Ahsanuddin 4 stars for time travel.

However, check out Nocturnalux's Review HERE. I agree with every word and the rating.

Final score 3.5 stars.

The Slave

The Slave - Kate Aaron There are a lot of things that I like about this book, but at the same time there is plenty of things that rub me the wrong way. This is a solid 3.5 read, however a wicked cliffie makes me lower my rating down to 3.
I don’t think I will be reading the next installment. Judging by the reviews it will not be a very good read for me (and no, it’s not the torture).

Demon of Mine

Demon of Mine - Rayna Vause I want books 2, 3 & 4. Please. Soon-ish. -ish.

I want to find out about Serena's fate. It was never revealed.

I want to know what the story is with Adrian and Leland.

I want to know what the deal is with Ryan's ex, james(-? Sorry, I am soooo bad with names!)

Really nice story, but short. It skimmed a few interesting places and sidestepped a few intriguing situations. Please, please, please... book 2, at least?

3.5 stars, rounding up to 4.

Three, six or 36: how many basic plots are there in all stories ever written?


Broken Ink

Broken Ink - Jack L. Pyke WARNING: Graphic rape scenes, severe child abuse, torture, sexual assault, violent death/murder. It’s not just an 18-year old teenager who suffers throughout this book, the children in the beginning of the story (the episode is mentioned again closer to the end) are anywhere from 4 to 9 years old.

The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths & Magic

The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths & Magic - F.T. Lukens A hectic life of a teenager, a senior and a geek who has a crush on jock. He is ready to come out, but is petrified of the consequences. A life, packed with magical creatures running amok on top of all non-magical problems. You bet it's a fun read! :)

Chris, thanks for lending the book. EmilieSA, thank you for the rec!
I really enjoyed this one :)

4.5 stars

The Argentine Seduction

The Argentine Seduction - Keira Andrews Too short with too much sex.

The Chimera Affair

The Chimera Affair - Keira Andrews There are some unexplained moments, some situations left hanging, a few puzzling episodes - as in why are they even there (like the British couple on the train)?
But on the whole - a fast, fun read. 3.75 stars

That Alien Feeling

That Alien Feeling - Alessandra Hazard Got a little (ok, a lot) technical in the middle, but otherwise a very engaging and emotional read.

Игра (Тринадцатый отдел, #1)

Игра (Тринадцатый отдел, #1) - Олег Рогозин Сразу предупреждаю: личных отношений очень мало. Есть попытка автора прокрутить вариант с любовью/морковью, но, как говорят англичане, химии не хватает. Поползновения закрутить роман на пустом месте отвлекают, откровенно говоря, от сюжета.

В остальном, вроде ничего, если кому-то интересны страшилки. Мне лично хотелось бы побольше про "ящеров". Возможно, попробую взяться за второй том, может там еще есть что-то про них, но не знаю, не знаю.... страшилки - нэ моэ это.

The Prince and the Program

The Prince and the Program - Aldous Mercer wth just happened?
it was going just fine with all the computer business, and I enjoyed most of it.
but then the story started jumping dimensions and nearly lost me.
brilliant zombie jokes however pulled me back, while robot and cyborg invasion muddied the waters again.
confusing, but I want book 2

The Rise: A Dark Yaoi Romance

The Rise: A Dark Yaoi Romance - Amelita Rae NO. There is no such thing as red light district in Moscow. Or St.Petersburg. Or any city or town in Russia, where prostitution is illegal.
But ok, I’ll give this series a try.

2 stars.

I wish the author had placed this book in some imaginary city, not an existing one. As it is, I am going to assume this is some futuristic dystopian Moscow, not a contemporary one. At least that way I can continue with the series and not bitch every 3% of the book.

One more thing.
Mishka is a nickname. It can be affectionate or it can be rude. For a small chubby kid it’s very much an equivalent of “Teddy Bear”. For a skinny grown up it’s a bit rude, unless you are a close friend or family. Misha is a much better and more common short version of the name Michael (Mikhail).

Cherished: A BSDM Yaoi Romance

Cherished: A BSDM Yaoi Romance - Amelita Rae I just read an almost identical book [b:The Contract|21529664|The Contract|Claire Thompson|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1395518956s/21529664.jpg|40857147] by [a:Claire Thompson|15560|Claire Thompson|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1498227258p2/15560.jpg]. Better written, better edited and without all that overdrawn sentimental mush. I am very surprised to see “Cherished” having higher ratings.

His Sweet Prince

His Sweet Prince - Jae T. Jaggart Badly written, to the point that it's not always clear what is going on in this book. Overwhelming amount of descriptions strung tightly together made some (scratch that, more like A LOT) of the sentences unreadable.

"A young man with a velvety buzz cut of golden-red hair and wide set, hazel eyes, wearing a ratty vintage Joy Division T. Tight black jeans. Slick Cuban heeled black boots. That necessary, killer overcoat."

"'Tough little Scarlet,' he taunted in that deeply accented, erotically rough drawl, green eyes pinning his wide set, darkening hazel ones, only to drop to his lush mouth. “Vicious little Scarlet,” he guessed right, in that low, rough voice."

See what I mean? *sigh* And those are not half as bad as others, but I refuse to waste my time on more.

Constant reminder of "green eyes", "hazel eyes", "six foot six inches tall" is an overkill. No, really. I got the eye color and the height after the first time. Zero reason to repeat it in every other paragraph. I promise. Honestly. It's seared in my brain. ugh....

Somehow only after 5 or 6 hours, most of which Grisha spent unconscious, plus a meager handful of words exchanged by the two MCs, Grisha is willing to take a bullet for Scarlet. Of course, Grisha knows Scarlet is here to kill him, not screw him through the mattress, but he's noble that way... No, it's not a spoiler, it's right there in the first chapter.

Then there is Russian/Ukrainian disaster. Maybe it's a typo, maybe it's poor editing, but maybe it's "i don't give crap" approach. In any case, we have Russian and Ukrainian volunteers to proof-read and set you straight. Why not use one? A question of the century, that is.

Then, there is the series name. Something to do with the vampires. 16% in there is not a vampire in site, BUT most importantly, the two MCs are not vampires, so what the hell? Way to mislead the readers.

All of the above is just a fraction of the problems I encountered in the meager 16%. But the major one is in the very end. So many readers complain about the ending. I am glad I did not finish the book, otherwise the rating would be firmly in the negative star system.

Who We Truly Are

Who We Truly Are - Victoria Sue I am disappointed in this installment. For one, I think a government agency will have more control over their own operations. It seems here Finn is constantly doing what he thinks he needs to do, without coordinating with the team first.

Another thing that bothered me is more of the same old same old. Finn is childish and impulsive, he keeps getting in trouble, endangering the whole team in the process. Talon is guilt ridden ...again. Which is also not so great for the team work and their missions.

Speaking of the team. It keeps getting disbanded. And back on track. And disbanded again. And so on and on and on.

Editing. *sigh* I had to re-read some sentences and paragraphs. At times I had no clue what was going on. I am sure VS had a clear picture in her mind, but transferring it onto paper/Word was definitely a struggle.

I am tempted to give this book one star, seeing how I almost DNF-ed and found the most "dangerous" situation in the book ridiculous enough that I caught myself laughing out loud, but what the hell - 2 stars.

Mr. and Mr. Smith

Mr. and Mr. Smith - HelenKay Dimon Exhausting read, with a bunch of black ops and CIA agents going through middle school drama. People talk for hours while aiming at each other instead of firing or making a run for it. Fisher is a complete a**hole. Either that or he has no idea what working under cover means. The title is misleading, it has nothing to do with the movie except two agents living together, only one of them being clueless.

PS no romance here, just angry absurd sex.


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