Sarge by: Bey Deckard

Sarge - Bey Deckard

On the whole? Loved it. 
Looking at the little quirks? Not so much.

POV change confused the hell out of me :( 

I don't mind it, really, when it alternates chapters or when there is a name of a character before the change occurs. There was no pattern to it in this book. I thought I had it figured out, when - slam! - I ran into a conundrum and found myself backtracking a full page. Theres was no indication whose head you're entering at the beginning of each chapter. Bummer :(

The ending... I have very mixed feelings about the ending.

This is one of those extremely rare cases in which I would have loved to have both MC's going up in a BFB (big fucking bang) and taking the whole alien planet with them, rather - and what are the odds? - seeing just the two of them make it safe and relatively sound out of the whole bloody mess. That's two out of almost a hundred that we had in the beginning of the book. *pukes little black hearts out* 

(show spoiler)

In a lot of ways "Sarge" reminded me of DMZ, only much better longer. 

Bottom line

The writing, the action, the characters... all the components (sans the end) - 5 stars
The confusion and a disappointing finale - 2.5

*does math in her head:
rounding up to the nearest whole number*

oh, bloody murder.... this is a 3.5 star read for me and this is how I am going to rate it 


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