Rangers Over Regulus by Alex Powell

Rangers Over Regulus - Alex Powell

Libs is an (almost) 500 year old vampire. His kind was hunted, murdered, tortured, experimented upon for as long as he can remember. Barely escaping with his life from a research facility, he now lives on an officially abandoned space station/mine colony.

However, Libs is not alone. Plenty of other people live here, too. Mostly outcasts, outlaws and just your average criminals and crime lords, anyone who wants nothing to do with the authorities and the law for whatever reasons.

Libs is in employ of a local crime lord, Jane, who rules the largest out of three settlements with an iron (and very bloody) fist.

Now, Libs is not a bad guy, it's just that he was blackmailed into the servitude by this tiny itsy bitsy puny human female. Jane knows his "secret" and so Libs bends backwards for her.

Newsflash, Libs!!! You are a vampire and a damn good sniper! You should have been able to take her out in the first paragraph and then in each and every damn paragraph (save a couple maybe) after that. I never use TSTL tag, never. But this? How did Libs survive for 500 years? How? Natural selection should have put him down centuries ago, yet he was allowed to linger to annoy the hell out of readers :/

The only two people I rooted for in this book were the badass bartenders.

Others? I can't care less if Janes offs them all and dies of her own stupidity, which she did anyway.

1.5 stars.


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