Always a Sinner (Brooklyn Sinners #1.5) by Avril Ashton

Always a Sinner - Avril Ashton

I am not opposed to drama. I am just opposed to unnecessary drama.



I get the chapter with the letters, even though Angelo is way out of line on this one. But the second part? That bordered on some mental disorder for both MC's and Liliana's part. Kids? With Angel Pagan? Move to a different planet first, people.

I could understand Gabe if his reasoning was "Look at us, we still carry guns on our persons every day, we pull them out on each other on a whim, we are not too far away from your previous life acquaintances and the danger it presents. WHAT kids?"

But - no. The only reasoning Gabe had was "I have no words to describe my feelings". And then he runs away with no word for almost a month....

To say WTF is to put it mildly.

3 stars for the part with the letters
1 star for the toddler hissy fit and for running away.


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