William (Merrick #2) by Claire Cray

William: A Sequel to Merrick - Claire Cray

Sorry, this is not a review. These are my random thoughts about the book.

A much slower paced book than the first one. Loved the language, it's old-fashioned, but without making you stumble or reach for a dictionary. This is more about character development than action.


Boston! Providence! Yay! They boys might still be lurking around. I'll look for them next time I'm out of the door :)

I still can't figure out why Merrick is so mad at Theo. Theo is his savior, his brother, his teacher, his everything. Something is definitely amiss. I don't understand Merrick's resentment. If Merrick blames him for a certain death, he should think twice.

Need more Theo, he is such a wonderful vivacious character! ♥ I feel my teeth tingle *yawn* ;)
Glad he ditched the chick :D


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