Black Dog Blues by Rhys Ford

Black Dog Blues (The Kai Gracen Series Book 1) - Rhys Ford

I have very mixed feelings about this book, so I am going to stick to my golden rule: When in doubt, go by the tags :D



No romance of any kind, m/m or m/f

Girl cooties (sucking face and pawing)

Boy cooties (sucking face and pawing)



Grammar: - 2 stars



Misplaced modifiers. Yep. Those pesky things.


They might not bother some readers, and I want to say "It's OK" and skip it, but on the second thought - NO. Butchered grammar is never OK. "Screaming like a banshee, my foot kicked out..." (don't remember exact wording, sorry) is not OK. Talking, swearing, grabbing for weapons/air pissed off body parts or inanimate objects are NOT OK, unless they are from Toy Story.

Similes. I can take a few, but not in every paragraph, sorry. Just write a separate book about that classic by now chihuahua pooping in the snow or a butt cheek, whining like a dog in heat, and get over it.


To be fair: English is not my native and I know my grammar suffers. However, I do not publish books and charge readers 7 bucks for an unfinished product.


Adventure: - 3.5 stars

I loved the story, I loved the bad-assness of it, I loved that Kai didn't talk his head off at the most critical moments, just shot, knifed, drove through the person that posed a threat.
On the downside, no matter when, no matter where, while most desperate, Kai always had and unexpected help, always. O.o


M/M, M/F, Romance: - I don't care one way or another, but - 3.5 stars

There is no romance in this book whatsoever. I can't even tag it m/m or m/f. Kai wanted girls and boys alike and it didn't bother me a bit. Girl cooties alert, tho ;) Wouldn't have minded an attempt at romance, since I picked this book hoping for M/M, hence the rating.


Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic: - 4.5 stars

Post-Apocalyptic - check. Some time ago, looks like in the beginning of 21st century, human and magical worlds collided, resulting in The Merge. There are some cataclysmic consequences, but in the long run I think humans and Earth benefited from it. Turns out, Elves are very environmentally savvy ;) Unfortunately, there is not enough background on the actual events.
Sci-Fi - check. Technologically advanced elves. Yep :)

Elves - check. The honest to God tall and beautiful pointy eared magical creatures shooting arrows and coexisting with humans in a futuristic setting.



Final rating  - 3.5 stars


PS I really dislike this new cover. The guy on the red Mustang looked much better.


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