Electric Blue & Catnip by Suilan Lee

Electric Blue & Catnip - Suilan Lee

I hate DNF-ing at almost 85%, but enough is enough.

I am sure there is a sweet story somewhere in this book, but it's buried under too many words and too many errors and typos. Grammar, punctuation... nothing is safe.
I failed to connect with the characters, partially because of the distraction that the lack of editing created. Prolonged family gatherings that involved discussing same old same old over and over again didn't help with developing warm and fuzzy feelings either. All I could think of "oh, no, not another Mary Calms moment!" And then I actually longed for Jory :/

Alexi's family, Lily and Taka as well, is a bunch of characters with a you-know-what stuck up their you-know-where. They are rigid, they suffocate their children with expectations and demands, they are controlling, bordering abuse. How did poor Alexi manage to survive without panic attacks until his last tour in Japan is a mystery to me. The boy has no room to breath. Just one little example. Alexi's mother calls him from Japan and greets him with "Alexander, this is you mother." That's knowing her son is not well and the trip to NY is not a short one. How about "Hi, dear, how was your trip?" No? Then this is the only natural reaction, IMHO

Anyway, warm, charming woman. I would like to cuddle up with her sometime. NOT. But maybe her no less stuck up mother has something to do with this drone of a parent.

I have more in the comments, if you are interested.

Oh... did I mention "a balmy July evening in Manhattan"? Just... CRAP! Ugh!


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