The Last Yeti

The Last Yeti - Tully Vincent So hard to believe this is the author's fist book.

A yeti shifter saves a human from drowning in a freezing Alaskan river. Against his better judgment, yeti not only pulls the human out of the water, but brings him into his secret cave and cares for him.

They end up stranded in the cave for three days, during which so much is revealed by both men: dark secrets, painful recent past and no less painful ancient past, hatred, loneliness, desperation, fear, love - such a variety of emotions!

The connection between Rhon and Jrake is amazing, not only physical, but emotional and, of course, paranormal. The word "mate" was never mentioned, yeti are solitary creatures, but the characters connected on more levels than one and it was breathtaking to watch their progress.

This is not nearly enough to express how I feel about this story, but leaving the review blank was not an option either.

Awesome, awesome job!

4.5 stars.


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