The Prisoner

The Prisoner - Kol Anderson Sorry, Kol, I am partial to young, cute and abused, so I bought it, but this book should have never left your computer without someone proofreading it first. And I don't mean a friend or a neighbor, unless of course they are qualified.

I thought I had a WTH shelf, added especially for books like this one, along with [b:Topping Timothy|6898120|Topping Timothy|Erin O'Niall||7120575], [b:Mortal Enemies|8262390|Mortal Enemies|J.L. Farnsworth||13079932], [b:Cake|12912548|Cake (Blood Nation, #1)|Derekica Snake||12930309] or [b:Calor del Amor|6033204|Calor del Amor|K.B. Forrest||6208692], but I guess not :(
Going to fix it right now.

I am not going to say anything more about the quality of the book, mostly because I don't even know where to begin, there are so many faults, and I am afraid I will never finish.

A piece of advice to readers, though:
For the love of all things dark and twisted, please, move along and go get the real stuff: [b:The Flesh Cartel #1: Capture|15986924|The Flesh Cartel #1 Capture|Rachel Haimowitz||21742008], [b:Pain and . . . pain?|13391602|Pain and . . . pain?|Traxie|/assets/nocover/60x80.png|18622695] (not very well edited either, but it's a freebee!), [b:Skin Deep|17668078|Skin Deep (Skin Deep, #1)|J.M. Stone||24663770], [b:The Island|17153604|The Island|Lisa Henry||18641851].

If you are into more of the same - abuse, rent boys, bad master-turn lover, but readable and enjoyable without characters who have er... no character - sorry, bad writing rubs off.... - PM me, I will send you a nice long list.

PS I will not be buying the next installment.

PPS Oh, did I mention setting broken bones (that are so broken, they poke through the skin) in one short home visit. True story!


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