Hell & High Water (THIRDS, #1) by Charlie Cochet

Hell & High Water (THIRDS Book 1) - Charlie Cochet

I am not really sure about my feelings here.

On the one hand it's full of my favorite elements:


- it's funny,
- it has dangerous alphas shifters,
- it has a man-child (reminds me strongly of Jory, don't ask),
- mystery and suspense,
- it has a damaged hero,
- and Dr. Evil an evil maniac out of control,
- it reminds me of Wolverine, Star Trek, and V (nods to NannyOgg). Those are mostly pleasant memories, but read on!



On the other hand:


- it's funny in a juvenile way most of the time,
- it has a 33 year old man-child, who belongs in high school with the rest of the bullies, the drama, and immaturity,
- it offers a very predictable suspense.

Iron claws? Yep, figured that one out right away after no trace of any shifter was ever found at any of the crime scenes



(show spoiler)


The story basically screams in your face who the bad guy is, him being the only shady character in the story,


- which brings me to Star Trek. We have the most elite forces here, Marine level and beyond. Dex passed all the tests, the physical parts of it, apparently, too. But during the whole length of the book he was completely unable to defend himself. Not once did he come out as a winner. Not once! James Kirk can now safely recruit him to serve as part of security on board the Enterprise ...whose security never fail to fail.




...except for this particular move, delivered by the Captain himself, as far as I can tell.  What's it called, I wonder?



Nor were they able to deduct or at least be cautious enough to mistrust a person, who was the most vested in this havoc.


All it took the possible suspect was a take-out and a lousy "i'm sooo soowwy!" to melt a big bad alpha.

(show spoiler)

- extensive interior design descriptions, sometimes at the most inconvenient times,
- abused "almost creamed his pants (while doing something)" wore off very fast.

Bottom line: I did enjoy the book in places, but I am not sure I will continue on when the sequel comes out.


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